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We are a 501(c)(3) organization

End of Life Choices Oregon provides services to terminally ill Oregonians and their families at no charge.

  • Volunteers steward Oregonians through the Death With Dignity Act and other end of life options;
  • Our medical director sets policy and guides the volunteers to ensure that we abide strictly to the law while we support Oregonians with information and personal assistance;
  • EOLCOR advocates by educating the public and the medical community in order to ensure that Oregonians are aware of their end-of-life options.

With your financial support can we achieve our mutual goal of a peaceful death for each person.

Legacy Giving

Consider naming End of Life Choices Oregon in your Will or Trust or as the Beneficiary of your retirement funds. 
Tax ID: EIN#81-3874094.


Office: 503-922-1132

2021 Honoring Choice Fundraiser

We’ll see you there Weds., October 20th, 2021 at 5pm for our Annual Virtual Fundraising Event!
Connect to the event, or visit our fundraiser giving page directly!

“By making my death easier, you make my life easier.”

Penny Carter

January 2017