Information for Medical Professionals

Doc-to-Doc Request Form

Medical professionals can connect with experienced physicians to ask questions and seek advice.

Forms and Instructions

Attending Physician Compliance Form

Revised 01/2020

Consulting Physician's Compliance Form

Revised 05/2018

Attending Physician Follow-up Form

Revised 02/2019

Request for Medication Form

English version

Request for Medication Form

Spanish version

Psychiatrist / Psychologist Form

Revised 05/2018

Instructions for Download

Prescriber Instructions

Revised 06/2017

Consultant Instructions

Revised 06/2017

For Pro-bono Doctors Only

Registration for Liability Limitation

Limitations on liability of health practitioners providing health care services without compensation
Oregon Revised Statutes 676.340 and 676.345 limit the liability of Oregon licensed physicians, physician assistants, acupuncturists, and certain other health care practitioners from injury, death, or other loss that may arise from services they provide without compensation.Revised 01/2020

Advance Directives

Advance Directive Form

Revised November, 2023

Directivas anticipadas para la atención médica de Oregon

actualizado noviembre 2023

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