Following are legal requirements of ORS 127.800 to 127.995 that apply to pharmacists and some tips from our experience.

  • The attending (prescribing) physician or their agent must deliver the Rx to you or mail it by USPS or a courier service. Do not accept the Rx from the patient, family member or agent of the patient. 
  • It is common for patients to request that the pharmacist hold the Rx until they are ready for it. 
  • The DWDA permits the patient to designate someone else to pick up the medication. Many terminally ill patients are not able to pick up their own prescriptions. 
  • The pharmacist must return the Pharmacy Dispensing Record to the Oregon Health Authority within 10 days of dispensing the medications. 
  • When you dispense the medications, you may provide our instructions to the patient or patient’s representative.


Full Text of Oregon's Death With Dignity Act

Download Oregon's Pharmacy Dispensing Record Form