Client Services


End of Life Choices Oregon (EOLCOR) is a non-profit organization that counsels and supports people as they explore end-of-life options. Our guiding principles are patient autonomy and choice in end-of-life care. We provide information to terminally ill Oregonians regarding end-of-life choices, including Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act (DWD), hospice and palliative care, refusal or withdrawal of medical treatment, and voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED).

We offer the following:

  • Experienced volunteers to answer your questions in person or by phone and provide detailed information on end-of-life choices;
  • Suggestions for conversations with physicians and other healthcare providers. If your physician is unwilling to support your choice, let your volunteer know;
  • Information to your health care providers on end-of-life choices;
  • Information on pharmacies that will fill the DWD life-ending prescription;
  • Experienced volunteers to be with you if you choose to take the DWD medication to end your life peacefully.

The Client-Volunteer Relationship

A person’s call to EOLCOR is answered or returned without delay. Our intake specialist answers questions and assesses the caller’s needs. The caller’s information is entered into a confidential database. A client packet is mailed to those who would like to receive it. Personal help is offered, and volunteers are available to see people in their homes. Contact between the client, family or caregivers and the volunteer is arranged at the client’s discretion. We offer our service according to each client’s needs and goals.

The volunteer interacts personally with clients and their caregivers to provide them with details of available choices. Then the client can make an informed decision regarding if or what they would like to do. If a client chooses to pursue DWD, volunteers will personally steward them through the legal process. If a client is not on hospice, we encourage them to ask their doctor about enrollment.

We support a client’s autonomous decision with non-judgmental regard.
All information remains confidential.

EOLCOR Client Services Info Packet

updated 10/2018

End of Life Choices Oregon is a donor-supported organization

We rely on your donations to provide quality services to Oregonians.