Impact Report 2022


End of Life Choices Oregon (EOLCOR) is comprised of five regional teams based in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Bend, and Southern Oregon. EOLCOR experienced growth across all services in 2022. Nearly 1,700 phone and email requests for information and services were received, a 31% increase from 2021. Because the residency requirement was discontinued in May 2022, EOLCOR’s out-of-state requests increased by 545%, from 33 to 213. There were 495 intakes conducted, compared to 432 in 2021. Volunteers attended 151 deaths in which Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) was used, a 41% increase from the prior year. Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED) was tracked for the first time in 2022. Volunteers provided information and guidance to approximately 43 people considering or completing VSED. Outreach Activities increased 61%, as we educated medical organizations, care partners, and communities. At the end of 2022, EOLCOR had 81 volunteers, about the same number as the previous year. Staff members included a new Executive Director, a Chief Operating Officer, a Statewide Volunteer Coordinator, and a part-time Intake Coordinator. With respect to fundraising efforts, EOLCOR experienced a slight decrease (3%) in total amount raised at year-end when compared to 2021.

Volunteers and Volunteer Training

Across EOLCOR’s five geographical teams, we have 78 client volunteers and three administrative volunteers. Two statewide online volunteer trainings were completed. The six-week trainings combined self-study reading material and videos, plus weekly live virtual educational meetings led by experienced facilitators. Additionally, an advanced-level volunteer training was developed and implemented for volunteers interested in moving into a lead position or “Primary Client Volunteer” role. A new Mentorship Training Program was also implemented, with the aim of teaching Primary Client Volunteers a standardized process for mentoring and evaluating new volunteers.


EOLCOR received $211,812.97 in donations in 2022. Of total contributions, $123,621.29 resulted from the annual fundraiser and $31,784.52 were from an end-of-year email appeal. The remainder came from individual contributions throughout the year, including monthly subscription, in-memoriam, and in-honorarium donations.