DWD Legal Requirements


Oregon’s Death with Dignity (DWD) Act allows physicians to prescribe life-ending medication for their terminally ill patients. To be eligible to use Oregon’s law, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older;
  • Be an Oregon resident;
  • Have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, i.e, an illness that under the doctor’s best judgment, would end your life within 6 months;
  • Have full mental capacity, i.e., the ability to make your own healthcare decisions when requesting the medication and when taking the medication;
  • Be capable of ingesting the medication without assistance.

Two Oregon Physicians Must Agree

Two Oregon physicians must agree that you are eligible to use the DWD law; one is the prescribing physician and the other is the consulting physician. If either physician questions your mental capacity, they may require that you see a psychiatrist or psychologist for evaluation.

If your current health care providers are not able or willing to participate in the law, let EOLCOR know.

Commonly asked:

“If I’m eligible for hospice, do I qualify for the law?”

Hospice enrollment does not necessarily coincide with eligibility for DWD. Physicians make the decisions for both hospice and DWD.

“What if I change my mind about using the law?”

You may change your mind any time. You are always in charge, and this option is ALWAYS your choice.