Sue D. Porter

Erika Kohl, PhD

Program Director

Erika Kohl has worked with individuals, families and communities in non-profit settings for over 15 years.  While earning her doctorate, she engaged in prevention science research focusing on behavioral health. Erika has a wide range of organizational, interpersonal, and technological skills she utilizes in her role as Director. Additionally, she has personal experience with supporting a loved-one with end-of-life decision-making and navigating the Death with Dignity process.

Sue D. Porter

Carol Galganski MSLS, MSHA

Intake Coordinator / Program Assistant

Carol Galganski has worked over 35 years in health care, both as a registered nurse and as a health science librarian. Her most recent experience was with Legacy Health in Portland, where she managed audiovisual services, Continuing Medical Education, and Library services for the healthcare system. Carol has been a life-long advocate for death with dignity, and is committed to being an empathetic, attentive listener to callers seeking information about their end-of-life choices and how EOLCOR can support them with their decision.

Our Organization

End of Life Choices Oregon is a non-profit organization comprised of medical directors and regional volunteers. Both the medical directors and volunteers have up to 18 years of experience in the specialized field of helping Oregonians through their end of life options. They are uniquely trained in order to provide personal and skilled professional guidance.

Regional Teams

End of Life Choices Oregon is comprised of four regional teams, as follows: Portland, Eugene, Southern Oregon and Central Oregon. Throughout those regions, ALL areas are served by our 40 volunteers under the leadership of our experienced team leaders. If you are interested in joining our professional team, contact us.

End of Life Choices Oregon is a donor-supported organization

We rely on your donations to provide quality services to Oregonians.