Patricia Moore, MA - Volunteer Coordinator

Patricia Moore, MA

Volunteer Coordinator

Patricia Moore has senior level leadership experience in Strategic Human Resource Management, Leadership and Organizational Development functions in small and large corporate settings. As a “solopreneur,” she brings over 25 years’ experience as a coach/consultant to rapidly growing, small and medium size businesses, nonprofits and Boards; as well as Directorship experience on two Boards.

She had the profound experience of being with each of her parents through their dying process. This  gave her a greater appreciation of how important it is for someone who has received a terminal diagnosis to have the choice of dying with dignity.

Liz MacGregor, Client Coordinator

Liz MacGregor

Client Coordinator

Liz MacGregor brings years of experience in strategic relationships, business development, and client communications to the new Portland-based Client Coordinator role. Liz is a trained celebrant and death doula, and is pursuing a Masters of Social Work. Liz is passionate about issues of social equity and accessibility, especially where they intersect with end of life care, and is incredibly honored to serve in this capacity with EOLCOR. 

Our Organization

End of Life Choices Oregon is a non-profit organization comprised of medical directors and regional volunteers. Both the medical directors and volunteers have up to 18 years of experience in the specialized field of helping Oregonians through their end of life options. They are uniquely trained in order to provide personal and skilled professional guidance.

Regional Teams

End of Life Choices Oregon is comprised of four regional teams, as follows: Portland, Eugene, Southern Oregon and Central Oregon. Throughout those regions, ALL areas are served by our 40 volunteers under the leadership of our experienced team leaders. If you are interested in joining our professional team, contact us.

End of Life Choices Oregon is a donor-supported organization

We rely on your donations to provide quality services to Oregonians.