End of Life Choices

End of Life Choices Oregon provides guidance and support to people considering all end-of-life decisions. For more information or to request volunteer support, please call 503-922-1132 or complete our secure online form. 

Death with Dignity Act (DWDA)

DWDA provides dignity, control, and peace of mind during one’s final days and ensures individuals remain the driving force in their own end-of-life care decisions.

Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking

VSED is the most natural way to die. It is commonly accepted that an individual has the right to refuse medical therapies, food, and liquids.

Hospice Care

Hospice provides supportive care to people in the final phase of a terminal illness. The focus is on comfort and quality of life, so that individuals can live each day as fully as possible.

EOLCOR is a non-profit donor supported (501)(c)(3)

We rely on your donations to provide quality end-of-life services and bedside support